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Templates Bundle for MS Office provides a large collection of well-designed templates to let you easily make MS Word documents, MS PowerPoint presentations and MS Excel spreadsheets. Just choose one template from the 500+ custom-made MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint templates, and type or paste your content, you will effortlessly create an Office file in seconds.


How to use?

Step 1. Choose a subject

Templates Bundle for MS Office contains templates for MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel. You can click on the name to pick up a subject. For example,click on Word and Word is selected now, please see above image.

Step 2. Choose a category on the left

After selecting a subject, all categories in the subject show on the left below the three sujects. Still take Word for example, you can see 8 styles of Word templates - Business Card, Calendar, Card, Coordinated Form, Invitation, Invoice, Report Cover and Resume on the left if you selcting Word in Step 1. Now you can choose one category from the 8 categories.

Step 3. Pick a template on the right

All templates can be previewed before use. After choosing a category, you will see all templates in this category on the right. Just pick one and it shows as below. By the way, you can click the arrow to preview next page for more templates, if there is any.

Step 4. Open directly or download

- Click the "Folder" button to open the template directly, which required to download MS Word first.

- Click the "Download" button to download the template to your computer for further use.

Step 5. Type or paste your content in the template

After opening the template, doube click the text field to type or paste your own content, as below shows.

type or paste your own content

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